Awake To A Fabulous Friday!

Oh Father, we opened our eyes this morning with You on our hearts. We will highly praise You, our God, our king! We will bless Your name forever and ever. We will bless You every day. We have set our hearts to praise your name forever and ever!

>Lord, You are great, and You should be highly praised. We have grown to know that Your greatness is unsearchable. One generation to the next will praise Your deeds. Each generation will talk about Your mighty acts.

This morning we are thinking about the glorious honor of Your majesty and the miraculous things you have done. People will talk about the power of Your amazing deeds, and we will tell everyone around us of Your greatness. They will announce what they remember of Your great goodness, and they will joyfully sing about Your righteousness.

You Lord are merciful, compassionate, patient, and always ready to forgive. You are good to everyone and have compassion for everything that You have made. Everything that You have made gives thanks to you, and your faithful ones will praise You.

Our prayer is that everyone could experience the wonder of Your presence and the glory of Your kingdom and will tell others about Your might in order to make known Your mighty deeds and the glorious honor of Your kingdom. Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom. Your empire endures throughout every generation.

You Lord support everyone who falls. You straighten the backs of those who are bent over. The eyes of all creatures look to You, and You give them their food at the proper time. You open Your hand, and You satisfy the desire of every living thing. You are fair in all Your ways and faithful in everything You do. You are near to everyone who prays, to every faithful person who opens their hearts to You.

This morning our mouths will speak Your praises because You are our Lord, and all living creatures will praise Your Holy Name forever and ever. ~Nickolas Hiemstra offering his heart to the most sincere way he knows!

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