Our Total Protection

Heavenly Father we come before you humble hearts, thanking you for another day, a day that we had another opportunity to witness, pray for others and share our love as Christ has shown us. We thank you for those who received it. Lord, please remember the sick and the less fortunate among and around us. We pray our families, friends and for those who have authority over us. Please remember our children on all levels, especially those ending this school year. Let our schools be released without danger of any kind. We pray for your divine protection to continue to cover them. For we realize that being heirs to your Kingdom we are under your “Total Protection” ~ Under Total Protection, we are:

A) Never forsaken ~ I have been young but now am old, yet I not seen the righteous forsaken nor seed begging bread. Psa.37:35

B) Preserved as your saints ~ He keepeth the paths of judgment and preserveth the way of His saints. Prov. 2:6

C) As the righteous, we shall be far from oppression and shall not fear
Isa. 54:14

As some end this day we pray for those just starting their day, please continue to let your protection cover the in all that they do. Lord, we continue living in your way by grace through Jesus Christ. For no weapon formed against shall prosper and every tongue that rise against us in judgment You Lord shall condemn. Lord, we thank you, praise and give honor only unto you. In Jesus name, we humbly submit this prayer. Amen~Amen ~Margaret Figures Jacobs

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