Rejoice! This Is A New Day!

Father God we come before You this morning ready to give Your Name praise! We lift our hands and bow our knees before You Jesus! We Thank You for waking us up this morning along with our families, loved ones and friends! We Thank You for our abundant blessings oh God!

We Thank You for grace and mercy! Father we pray a special blessing of Deliverance over the sick, be it mental or physical! We pray over all manner of disease! We pray for the broken in spirit and those of us with broken hearts! May our faith be restored and our hearts healed oh Lord! We pray for the blind, may You touch their eyes so that they will see! We pray for the crippled, so that they shall walk! We pray for the substance and the alcohol abusers Dear God!!! May they reject those poisons and be made whole! We pray over our debt and over our finances Jesus! We pray You bless us to where money becomes the least of our worries! We pray over our tongues, let our words be encouraging and sweet!

We know nothing is impossible or too hard for You Lord! So we praise You! We ask that You cover us in Your blood against ALL attacks of the enemy! Some of us are sleeping next to them and don’t even know it! Some of us break bread and smile with them daily while the whole time, they are planning evil against us oh God! But we know that no weapons formed against us shall prosper! Because as long as we are walking right with You, there is nothing You wont do for us Lord! Humble our hearts as we receive Your Word oh God!

Revelation 17:14 says~ “These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful”!!! We receive Your Word with our whole hearts oh God! We love You and we lift Your name on high! We are more than just conquerors! We ARE victorious as we claim EVERLASTING LIFE Dear God! Walk with us today Lord as we continue to worship You, in Jesus’ name we pray this! Amen & Amen……. ~Paula Montgomery

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