Closing A Tuesday Evening

Heavenly Father we come before You tonight with humble and thankful hearts. We are so blessed for this day. An opportunity to witness to others, visiting the sick bound in their homes, hospitals and nursing homes. Thank You Lord for willing servants. Many were so happy and some didn’t know we were there but through the Holy Spirit – You were there and grace was sufficient. Lord we delight ourselves in thee.

Scripture reminds us: Delight thyself in the thee and you shall give us the desires of our hearts. And as we commit your way unto you Lord, trusting in you also, and You Shall bring it to pass. Psalm 37:4-5

Father God, thank you. Now as some end this day many are just beginning. Lord, we pray for this Ministry (Kenya) for they too are our brothers and sisters. Bless the financial givers and bless the laborers as well for this Mission. We also pray for the disturbing situation in Baltimore. Praying for togetherness and love as never before and through the prayers of the righteous You will prevail. Continue Lord to protect us all and we will give you the honor. We pray for our leaders, mayors, policemen everywhere…let Peace Reign Lord. This prayer we humbly submit in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen ~Margaret Figures Jacobs: MFMI eMinistry

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