Prayer For A Wonderful Wednesday Morning

Father God we humbly fall on our faces before You this morning! We lift our hands and bow our knees, worshiping You at Your Throne! We Thank You for watching over us throughout the night and for breathing new life into us on this beautiful day Jesus!

Father we come before Your praying for the less fortunate! We pray they will find food and shelter in this season! If we can be a blessing to anyone, please allow us to do it Lord! We Thank You for the beauty in being able to simply converse and love on our families, loved ones and friends! We graciously accept every blessing You bestow upon us Lord! And for that alone we humbly, give ourselves freely to You! When our souls cry out to You, You are there! Every need and desire we have You are yet there! No good thing have You with held from us!

We love You Father God and we place nothing and no one above You! Your Word tells us, “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, the one who is, the one who was, and the one who is coming, the Almighty.”! Our souls knows this oh so well Jesus! We magnify Your Holy name! Let our way of doing things be according to Your Will for us, Lord! So that non believers will start to believe and desire to be made over in You oh God! There truly is Nothing and No one greater than You Father God!

Please allow our lives to reflect the true meaning of who You are! Decrease us and Increase You, so that we can continuously and righteously spread The Gospel about You, The True and Living God! In the precious name of Jesus we pray, Amen and Amen!!!! ~Paula Montgomery

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