Welcoming A Wonderful Wednesday!

Father, you ride high up beyond the heavens, which have existed since ancient times, please watch and listen. When your voice speaks, it is powerful and strong. We attribute power to you, the one True God; your royal splendor is evident over Israel, and your power courses through the clouds.

O True God, you are awesome from the holy place where You dwell. The True God of Israel who grants strength and power to His people. We shout, “Blessed be our God!

Father, teach us your way and we will walk in your truth; knit our hearts to your heart that we may fear your Name. Our mouths will proclaim your mighty acts and saving deeds all day long; though we cannot know the number of them.

This Wonderful Wednesday we shout out, “Surely, there is a reward for the righteous; surely, there is a God who rules in the earth” (Psalm 58:11). Your Son told us that you even know when a small sparrow falls to the ground. But amazingly, in your eyes, we are worth so much more than a whole flock of sparrows! You know everything about us, even the number of hairs on our head. So regardless of what is happening around us, we will be at peace. Enveloped in a shroud of peace we could never explain or understand.

We don’t understand it, but even when we were living in times of deep darkness and rebellion, you called out to set us free! So, because of Your grace and power, we are able to walk worthy of your love and bask in the light of your wisdom and peace! We no longer hunger or thirst, and the scorching heat of the sun does not strike us, because your Spirit guide us and leads us to “springs of water.” So as we start our day, we thank you for what it holds.

We commit to honor you and the calling you have placed in us. As we go about out tasks today, please continue to guide and direct our steps. Help us to impact those around us for good, and the process, change us! Encourage us and strengthen us so we can reflect your Kingdom properly. Open the eyes of our understanding so we can know You, to know your will and your ways.

And we thank You so much for your Word which changes us and penetrates our heart by the power of Your Holy Spirit. We joyfully yield to Your will and ways. Order our steps today, and we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Amen! ~Nickolas Hiemstra

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