It’s A Fabulous Friday!

Father God we humbly come before You this morning with Thanksgiving and a praise in our hearts! We lift our hands and bow our knees, falling on our faces before You oh God! Father we Thank You for watching over us through out the night and for breathing new life into this morning! So many things threatened to change our course but You were there and we are yet standing Jesus! We Thank You for our families loved ones and friends! We Thank you in advance for everyone who will cross our paths today Dear God! We pray Your Words will fall from our mouths Lord! Some of them will be so receptive, while others will appear to be unconcerned! But we ask that You bless them the same oh God! Touch their hearts and minds so that they will want to receive You and be saved! We pray that You meet EVERY NEED for EVERYONE reading this prayer oh God! We pray that this prayer will Witness to them! We pray that EVERY NEED is met in their households, churches, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, work places and penitentiaries oh God!

Touch them Lord! Give them the hope they need to get through another day! Life is not always fair and not all of us will get what we want! But we know You are our ultimate provider and You supply ALL of our NEEDS!!! Thank You just never seems sufficient but we do Thank You Lord! We are ever so grateful!!

Now as we prepare to begin our day, we ask that You hear our personal cries oh God! They are meant for Your ears only! Please send Your angels to watch over and protect us through out the day! Please allow us to walk in integrity and be at peace wherever we go Dear God! Speak to our minds and show us how we can be more productive in building up Your Kingdom! Your Word tells us ~ “Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man”! We receive Your Word with our whole hearts Dear God! Cover us in Your blood as we start our day! Please prepare our hearts and minds for Worship and Witnessing about Your goodness to everyone we encounter Lord! In the name of Jesus we pray this, Amen and Amen!!!…. ~Paula Montgomery

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