Thursday Evening Prayer

Father, we come before you with humble hearts tonight, thanking you for the life of God flowing through our bodies. Thank you for blessing us with revelation knowledge and all spiritual understanding that our spiritual eyes will be enlightened to the Kingdom of God. We praise you, adore you and love you. We long to have a face to face encounter with you daily.

Stir up a greater hunger in our souls for the word. Help us to see everything through your eyes. Help us to understand your ways and your will for our lives. We only want whatsoever you want for us. Because we will not lean to our own understanding, but will acknowledge you in everything.

You are almighty God and we thank you for miracles, signs, and wonders to happen daily in our lives. We thank you for our families and ask that you pour out your spirit upon every member of our families. Save their very souls from the enemy and renew their minds to Kingdom thinking. We thank you for your grace and rest that we walk in everyday of our lives.

Oh merciful Father, we are so grateful for your amazing love and peace. Because our mind is stay on you we are in perfect peace.

As we sleep tonight, protect us from the enemy and give us sweet sleep. Amen! So be it!!! ~Paralee Harris

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