Our Day Is Ending . . .

Father God, we are so thankful for this day. We worship and praise you for loving us. Help us to cast down every imagination in our minds that doesn’t line up with your word and promises. Thank you for giving us authority over the enemy. Give us a clean heart and may we obey your voice daily. We desire to be doers of your word and not just hearers. As we continue to hear your word, may our faith increase. Because faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. We declare we will walk by faith and not by sight. As we keep our eyes on Jesus Christ, you said you would keep us in perfect peace. Thank you for supernatural peace daily.

Father God, heal us in our soul, and body. We decree we will walk in divine health and healing. Deliver us from unforgiveness and remove all resentment, and bitterness. We thank you for the gift of righteousness, give us a reality of who we are in Jesus Christ. Kindle the fire of the Holy Spirit in our soul, so we are more sensitive to your presence.

As we sleep tonight protect us from any torment from the enemy. Give us your peace and rest. We decree we will awake refreshed in the morning.
In Jesus Name!!! So be it!!! ~Paralee Harris

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