Prayer for a Fabulous Friday

Father God we fall on our faces before You this morning in the name of Jesus! We are humbled in Your presence oh God! Father, we thank You for watching over us through out the night and for breathing new life into us today! We are grateful to be awakened in our right minds and for the use of our limbs Lord! We are grateful to bathe, clothe and feed ourselves! Some of us are not as fortunate! Lord we thank You for ALL blessings that we know are granted simply because we are favored! We Love You Jesus!

Father we bring before You our desire to be Good Disciples! We desire to be better examples of Christ! Let us be mindful of our words and how we treat each other! We can’t say we love You Father and not love our brothers and sisters! Help us to implement Your Word in our lifestyles daily! We pray for our brothers and sister who are lost and need You oh Lord! Some of them have disconnected themselves from You and are in pain!

We ask that You touch us in ways that they need so that we can minister to them Lord! Ephesians 4:11-12 says~ “He gave apostles, prophets, missionaries, as well as pastors and teachers as gifts to his church. Their purpose is to prepare God’s people to serve and to build up the body of Christ!” Father, we’ve taken up our crosses and we follow You! We are Your Disciples! Touch our hearts and minds so that we will speak Your Word with wisdom and authority Dear God! We yearn to win souls for Your kingdom! With You Father God, we are invincible! Your Word tells us~ “You’ve heard my message, and it’s been confirmed by many witnesses. Entrust this message to faithful individuals who will be competent to teach others!” (II Timothy 2:2). We receive Your Word with our whole hearts oh God! Stay with us as we move forward in our day! We need You Lord! In the name of Jesus we pray, Amen and Amen….. ~Paula Montgomery

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