Our Wednesday Morning Prayer

Father God we humbly fall on our faces before You praising Your Holy name! We are so grateful to be in Your presence oh God! Words can not express just how much! We thank You for waking us up this morning and for starting us on our way oh God! We thank You for our abundant blessings! We thank You for our families, loved ones and friends.

Father God, we come before you praying against the spirit of “Double Mindedness”! We ask that you help us to break this chain and destroy whatever links us to this spirit oh God! We know that a Double Minded man can not please You! Take away this spirit of confusion Dear God!

Please help us to stay focused on You, when we are praying! Help us to think righteous thoughts! Don’t let the enemy distract us from doing Your will, oh Lord! Because we live to please You! Help us to be focused solely upon You and Your ways! We ask that You be in the center of EVERYTHING we do and ALL that we are oh God! James 1:8 says~ “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways”. We receive Your Word with our whole hearts! Touch our hearts and minds oh God! Let no weapons formed against us prosper! Allow us to walk in integrity Lord! Don’t let that Double Minded spirit dwell in us! We will give Your name every praise, in Jesus name we pray this Amen & Amen… ~Paula Montgomery

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