A Wonderful Wednesday Morning Prayer

Father we humbly come to You this morning with Thanksgiving in our hearts! We lift our hands and shout our praise! Father we Thank You for waking us up this morning and for blessing us with our families, loved ones and friends! We Thank You for our health and strength, Jesus! We praise You for our careers/jobs, our homes and churches and even our schools oh Lord! Father, we come before You blessing Your Holy Name for making The Impossible, Possible! So many of us are going through trials and tribulations Lord and we see no way out! We realize that not everything is an attack of the enemy, it just is our season to go through! Luke 1:7 says ~ “For with God nothing shall be impossible”! We realize that this season is only temporary and we shall be victorious Dear God!

For some of us, our health is failing! Please restore us Jesus! Please place Your healing hands upon us and make us healthy and whole again! Some of us are mentally ill! We pray You touch our minds! Comfort us Lord! Some of us have serious financial issues and are so far in debt Dear God! But we place our faith ONLY in YOU!!! Because we know You have an endless supply of revenue! And it is only You that can release us from debt Lord! Some of us are homeless and need adequate shelter! Please give us some place decent to lay our heads oh God! We trust You Lord! We know You can make a way out of no way! Your Word tells us ~ “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible”! We receive Your Word with our whole hearts! Fill us with Your spirit oh God! We love You! in the precious name of Jesus we pray this…Amen and Amen!!!! ~Paula Montgomery

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