A Prayer for a Fabulous Friday Morning!

Father, we come before You this morning with Thanksgiving in our hearts! We humbly bow before You! We are excited about this brand new beautiful day and we thank You for our abundant blessings and we walk graciously with our heads held high! We are grateful!

We only ask that Your strength and knowledge would become our own! We lift up our brothers and sisters before You who are lost! Your Word tells us to “Bear one another burdens . . .” and this morning we open our hearts to do just that! So many of us have fallen and have lost our way! Some of us have lost our faith and don’t have the desire to call out to You! It is so sad, but we lift them up and ask that your Spirit would work in their lives and they would be restored to fellowship with You.

Place us in their paths and give us the wisdom, the perfect word to bring healing and restoration. Help us unburden there Souls! Use us to change lives for Your Kingdom! We freely give of our time, gifts, and blessings so that the Gospel will be proclaimed! You told us that “if anyone in your midst wanders from the truth, that we are to lovingly bring them back.”

This Fabulous Friday Morning, we receive Your Word with our whole heart and desire to bring everyone who is lost closer to You! We Love You and worship You in the precious name of Jesus Amen & Amen!

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