Good Evening!

Father in Jesus name we humbly come before you Holy and Righteous One. Divine and Majestic God and Father of Life. Thank You Sovereign Lord and King. Thank You for blessing us today with the sun and the calm breeze. Thank you for the liberty in Jesus, because truly whom the Son sets free is free indeed. Thank you for your Spirit that lives within us. Thank You for the activity of our limbs for a mind that functions in righteousness. Thank you for supply. Thank You, Thank You Thank You! Hallelujah!!!

Now Father we ask this evening that you would release unto us wisdom and understanding; show us, teach us even more how to pray and to move into intercession. Let the power of Holy Spirit take us into new dimension as we grow in the Stature of Christ.

Father we pray your blessings of healing, peace, joy, contentment, finances and all other things that your people need to sustain them. You are our source Lord. Without you we just won’t make it. Oh but glory to Your Holy Name we have you, because you said that YOU would NEVER leave us nor forsake us. So thank you that YOU our God will supply all our need according to your riches in glory. Hallelujah! So Father as we prepare to rest for the evening and others are and will be rising to new day. I pray your covering of protection over everyone, in Jesus name, Amen

Thank You Father, we Love You! ~LaDarrell Howard


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